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Rhinoplasty tips after surgery

Noviembre 8, 2018

Rhinoplasty tips after surgery

Thousands of Rhinoplasty are made each year for medical and cosmetic benefits, better sleep, such as easier breathing and improved appearance.

After your surgery you can expect swelling and bruising. You will need to devote two or three weeks to have a good recovery. Healthy patients heal faster that´s definitely true in most cases.

To support and have a good recovery take this steps:

  1. Follow a healthy diet. Good nutrition before and after surgery should eat a diet that contains a high level of antioxidants, vitamin C and E, protein and lots of water to stay well hydrated.
  2. Take a slow walk, is important to avoid workouts exercise. Walking increases your circulation and keeps your body moving.
  3. No spicy food
  4. Less salt intake. Is recommended to help minimize fluid retention in the nasal tip.
  5. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol at least two to four weeks before and after surgery.
  6. Elevate your head while you sleep to decrease swelling.
  7. Don´t wear glasses for four weeks. If you wear glasses, try to apply come solution between your glasses and nose.
  8. Wear hats for three of four months after surgery to promote healing and prevent swelling.
  9. Take naps, sleeping promotes healing, so take advantage of it any time you can.  
  10. Avoid bumping your nose. Ask your doctor how to best handle blowing your nose, congestion or any other issue that may emerge.
  11. Keep in mind that swelling can take weeks, months even a year or two, to totally disappear.
  12. Follow exactly all the post-operative instructions your doctor said. Follow these directions, ignoring any post-operatory instructions increase the risk of complications and makes your recovery much longer.
  13. Attend to all post operative appointments
  14. Take exactly the recommended days off to work
  15. Avoid anti-inflammatory medications
  16. To reduce swelling use frozen towels. For the first three days after your procedure, It`s important to apply a bag with ice or a frozen towel, to your eyes and cheek area, there is the most swelling area.
  17. The first seven to ten days take it easy. Mentally prepare to take it easy the first days. Activities like playing sports and workouts exercise put extra, stress on your body and increase the risk of bumping your nose.

Important, discuss any of these recommendations with your doctor and take only the specific and recommended medications and instructions he told you.

If you want to know more about this procedure, CONTACT Dr. JOHN GARCIA