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Cheekbone Surgery

Enero 3, 2019

Cheekbone Surgery

¿What is cheekbone surgery?

Cheekbone surgery is a technique aimed at facial harmony. The cheekbones are the bones that project the cheeks. The cheekbones are one of the 3 factors of the beauty triangle of the face.

 The goal of the surgery is to enhance the cheeks on the face of the person. Both men and women can perform this intervention. Generally, the surgeon in charge will place an implant in the cheeks or insert fat when there is no need for an implant.

There are two types of cheek surgery: augmentation and reduction:

¿Can any surgeon perform cheek augmentation surgery?

The choice of the plastic surgeon is very important, the doctor must be a plastic surgeon specialized in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Should belong to the guild of specialist surgeons in the city where he resides, they will be responsible for verifying the suitability of the specialist and its constant updating. The surgeon must offer his patient total confidence, security and offer the patient the option of having surgery in the best clinics in the city, with all the comforts of surgical services.

All this will help and facilitate the realization of a secure cheekbone augmentation. During the first consultation the surgeon must evaluate the habits of food, exercise, muscle mass and body fat and thus determine if the patient actually meets the criteria to undergo a surgery of these

¿What is the surgery to increase cheekbones with implants?

The cheekbone augmentation surgery aims to increase the oval of the face. The most indicated patients are people who have the malar (bone that is at the level of cheekbones) underdeveloped.

The most common is the implementation of an implant in front of the cheekbone in order to increase the projection.

Surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, does not require hospitalization and can be performed with local or general anesthesia, everything depends on the complexity of the procedure, because not all cases are the same.

The cheek augmentation surgery is usually done along with other interventions, in which case general anesthesia is necessary.

What is the cheek fat augmentation surgery with fat filling?

In the case of not using an implant, filling with fat is an option to give volume to the area, it is the technique that is used the most since it is less traumatic for the face and the swelling lasts less.

¿Which of the two procedures is more appropriate?

Choosing one of the two procedures for cheek augmentation depends on the anatomy of the patient and also on the results you want to obtain.

It is very important that the plastic surgeon guides the patient according to their needs and characteristics to perform one of the two techniques.


¿What is the cheek reduction surgery?

Not only should you increase the cheekbone, sometimes you have to reduce the cheekbone because it is very developed and the harmony of the face is too oval.

The surgery consists of filing the malar bone to the desired shape and keeping the face in harmony.


¿Who are the people indicated for cheek surgery?

People whose facial structure has weak cheekbones or who have lost the contour of the cheekbones by age.


¿Is the postoperative and recovery very strong?

Because it is an outpatient surgery, the patient returns home that same day. You must rest for several days, that is, no physical exercise, high impact sports, but you can reincorporate yourself to your daily life immediately saving that rest. After a month you can return to your physical activities.

It is vitally important to medicate only with what is prescribed by the surgeon and to attend all the control appointments.


¿What is achieved with a cheek surgery?

It is possible to modify the structure of the face because poorly developed cheekbones give the appearance of a flat and aged face. With the increase of cheekbones it is possible to improve the contour of the cheeks giving the face a more cheerful and expressive air.

To achieve and reach the results we seek and be satisfied, it is very important to choose a good surgeon and follow the indications during the postoperative period.

This intervention is very important because it is in the face of the person, it is one of the surgeries with greater satisfaction, the results have been visible, real and changing the expression of the person for a more rejuvenated.


Important, if you want to know more about these procedures; please contact Dr. John Garcia.