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Plastic surgery for everyone

Enero 17, 2019

Plastic surgery for everyone

Plastic surgery at your fingertips

The plastic surgeries are cosmetic and the medical insurance does not cover them. The costs of plastic procedures vary according to the doctor, the procedure and the clinic where it is performed. Many people pay for plastic surgery by saving or financing the treatment through a financial institution.

All the plastic surgeries are within your reach, but you must be very organized and plan well how to pay for the surgery you want to perform.

They can be financed in different ways, with a credit card, asking for a loan from the bank, asking for a loan from a friend or relative, saving or unauthorized medical loan.

In each of the options there are risks and benefits. It is up to the patient to decide how he wants to pay for the intervention.

Although medical insurance does not cover the vast majority of plastic surgeries, it would not hurt to call the insurance and check if they have surgery within their operations. You should know if the insurer especially if the doctor can declare it as medically necessary for the insurance to cover it.

An important point is to know if the patient is suitable for surgery, since everything depends on laboratory tests, if the exams leave any complication the surgeon should consult and take action, wait a while to solve the problem or definitely not suitable for intervention.

The surgeon in the initial assessment will be in charge of advising the patient if the surgery he wants to perform is the best, or if there is a different one that solves the problem faster or if on the other hand he needs to solve another problem than the patient. Had noticed.

The surgeon is in charge of telling the patient the size of the implant or the prosthesis that will be placed, because the weight of the implant must be consistent with the weight and height of the patient, so that the figure is harmonious.



Important, if you want to know more about these procedures; please contact Dr. John Garcia.