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Types of breast protheses

Noviembre 27, 2018

Types of breast protheses

Currently and increasingly, there are many implants on the market to choose from, all with the necessary certification and which comply with the sanitary safety standards.

Every day we hear about different brands of implants. Implants made of silicone or saline, round or anatomical, microtextured, smooth textured, etc.There is a wide variety of breast prostheses around the world, so it is common to have doubts about what kind of implant is best for a breast augmentation surgery.

To choose implants, it is vital the advice of your doctor, you should know what is the size and shape of the implant that goes best with the proportions of your body. There are many kinds and types of implants. But there are very frequent questions such as: are there better ones than others? Does the brand matter? which one is the best? This decision must be taken and analyzed by the plastic surgeon and the implant must comply with European regulations. Does manufacturing matter?

The manufacture of these breast prostheses is mostly done by hand, which is why it is said to be an artisanal process.

After the scandal of the PIP prosthesis, there has been a lot of talk about silicone implants.

Thanks to this scandal, there are different control entities that are in charge of exhaustively reviewing the manufacturing process. In 2013, it was shown that the breast prosthesis brand used low-cost silicone, causing health problems for more than 80,000 affected patients who used the PIP implant.

The choice of the professional that will operate is very important. Plastic surgeons must verify if breast prostheses meet the following characteristics

• Low complication rate

• Experience in its use

• Excellent after-sales service

• Lifetime anti-breakage guarantee

• Wide catalog to choose from, with different models that adapt to patients. Each patient is unique and different.

Important, if you want to know more about this procedures, contact Dr. John Garcia